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  1. Test Instructions:
    • This quiz consists of 5 multiple-choice questions.
    • You have 30 minutes to complete the quiz.
    • Each question carries 1 mark for a correct answer.
    • For each incorrect answer, 1 mark will be deducted from your score.
    • Do not leave any question unanswered. You must select an answer for each question.
  2. Test Rules:
    • Ensure that you have a stable internet connection throughout the duration of the quiz.
    • Do not use any external resources or aids during the quiz.
    • Do not collaborate with others or seek outside assistance while taking the quiz.
    • Make sure to answer all questions before the time limit expires.
  3. Timing:
    • The timer will start as soon as you begin the quiz.
    • You will be notified when there are 5 minutes remaining, so manage your time accordingly.
  4. Scoring:
    • Each correct answer earns you 1 mark.
    • Each incorrect answer results in a deduction of 1 mark from your score.
    • Your final score will be calculated based on the number of correct and incorrect answers.
  5. Submission:
    • Once you have answered all questions, click on the “Submit” button to submit your responses.
    • Ensure that you submit your answers before the time limit expires.
  6. Good Luck!:
    • We wish you the best of luck in completing the quiz. Stay focused, read each question carefully, and select the most appropriate answer.