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DN Chauhan


Dear Farmers

The Sarvangin Krishi Samadhan Foundation has set a firm resolution to achieve an increase of over 50% in the agricultural income of Indian farmers by the year 2030. Since 2017, the foundation's founders have been continuously conducting research, and they have developed an information technology-based platform that is capable of directly reaching agricultural products to consumers, thereby enabling farmers to obtain fair prices. It is also the aim of the Sarvangin Krishi Samadhan Foundation to ensure the appropriate participation of all farmer producer organizations and self-help groups, thereby establishing agriculture as a sustainable model, ensuring an ample supply of food commodities in India, and increasing the export of agricultural products from the country to enhance the economy. The Sarvangin Krishi Samadhan Foundation also aims to create opportunities for self-employment for more than 12,000 youths annually across India in the first three years, with a total potential of reaching 300,000 self-employment opportunities by 2030.


With Regards

D.N Chauhan - CEO